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Social media is an important word for thriving businesses in recent times. Many have come to realize how valuable they are to a business. The biggest advantages social media brings to your start-up is a broad audience. Where you have thousands of people to sell to, some are bound to take an interest in your service and be converted to clients. However, you do not want to approach such an audience without a game plan. A success-minded business owner will realize the relevance of building a strong online presence to convert as many web users as possible.

These web users want two things; education and entertainment. Regardless of your niche, you can offer both. Here are the various types of social media content used to engage potential clients and create brand awareness.

Interactive Content

Social media is all about interaction. People take part in two-way communication which is one reason web users can’t stay off the internet. Interactive content is all rage for businesses right now and has proven to be an effective way to gain brand awareness and traffic. It includes content that opens a discussion, quiz, contests, polls, and so on. Being able to establish this connection with as many people as possible is the endgame.

Also, if you ever doubted the power of interactive content, it may interest you to know the New York Time’s most recognized content was not an article but a dialect quiz.

Visual Content

What is social media without images? Probably an empty place where no one wants to be. Visual content or images are the most sought after on online platforms. People are more likely to view an image, understand its message, and share it with friends and contacts. You can do much with posting several image-rich contents or just images for your brand. Remember that poor visual content with an unclear message and bad graphics won’t do any good. Rather it can affect your online reputation.

Positive Content

Another popular trend content marketers and creators use on social media sites is positive content. Research has shown that web users respond highly to feelings of awe, joy, amusement, and laughter. If you post something funny, encouraging (like quotes and motivational talks), or extraordinary you are likely to get people’s attention.

User Generated Content (UGC)

This refers to content created by your audience and posted on social media. Some businesses use User-generated content to maintain active relationships with their audience and give new followers a warm welcome. The regular method is to share the created content using engaging captions and the right tags. User-generated content is mostly used on Instagram with hashtags.


Nothing promotes trust and brand awareness like testimonials from satisfied clients. The more testimonials or reviews you have, the more attractive your services look to an audience. Social media sites are one of the best platforms to share testimonials. Increase the effectiveness of this content by using video testimonials recorded by you or the client.


Podcasts are an older concept used by businesses for the longest time. However, they continue to evolve with industries and remain relevant. I value podcasts and use them consistently. You can do the same on social media platforms. Web users find podcasts informative and entertaining. For sites that do not support direct uploads of podcasts, you can post the links with engaging visuals to reach your audience.


Giving news updates and information on your brand is an important part of social media content. Don’t underestimate sharing details about trade shows, new products, slash sales, season’s greetings, and much more. This type of content is highly supported with rich visuals and a direct and short text. They also come with a call to action or a hook to bring in potential clients.

Social media is a gold mine for businesses. It is unnatural not to have a strong online presence to benefit from what social sites offer. Using the right content is important for efficiency and relevance. This is why you should hire professional social media content creators to keep you at the top. Social media content is for all businesses, no matter how small or large.