What We Do?

We are creators and curators of ideas.

Modality is an agile creative agency that can help you to bring your ideas to life.

We offer consultive services as well as design and creative services.

Branding & Identity

Branding speaks to the essence of your organization. Branding and Identity design can be a complex matter but we make it simple.

Wordpress Design

An awesome looking website can take your business to new heights and the best news, you wont even need a computer programmer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Measure twice, cut once. It’s an old adage that rings true even with social media. Measure your success and then measure again, and again.

Creative Consulting

We’re like your financial advisor, but without the money. Modality will design a roadmap to develop your brand from inception to implementation.

Modality Design School

Enroll in Social Media Design Courses for Beginner. Take your social media graphic design to the next level

Social Media Development

Your social media footprint can be the lifeline in which your business can survive and thrive. Don’t neglect it! Social media will treat you as good as you treat it.


Design isn't about following rules.
It's about breaking them.

Hello! I'm Steve

What's your mode?

We’re a creative consulting agency designed to put you in the drivers seat of your ideas. I believe the easy thing to do is to hire a design guy and say “make me a website or a logo that has XYZ”. He does his work, it looks good, you cut him a check and you both go on your way. Sure, this gets it done, but does your creative voice speak through your platform? Does your ideas and actually resonate throughout your brand? It should. That’s where we come in. You bring us your ideas, I pull the team together and we make it happen.

Modality Creative Studio is not just an agency, we’re a resource for businesses large and small who simply want to execute a creative idea but doesn’t know where to begin. Let us help, after all, thats why you’re here.


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Modality Clients

Become a member of the Modality family and allow us to brand you brand new!