7 Reasons Businesses Use WordPress for their Websites

Websites spring up every day. It comes as no surprise because as an entrepreneur, having an online presence is everything. There are several factors involved in building a seamless website and letting people know about your service. The first and most important is using the right site builder. For us, that choice should be WordPress.

WordPress is commonly described as a content management system. It is a free open-source management system that helps business owners build and run a functional website. WordPress is not the only website builder available, but is the most popular for several reasons.

If you are considering building a fresh website or transferring from an old one, here are 7 reasons you should use WordPress.

WordPress is popular and free

When you want to download a new game or app from your mobile store, you first consider how many people have tried the app. Then you look at what they have to say in their comments and ratings. Ultimately, the most used app is the ideal choice because you would find no surprises.

In the same way, WordPress is the best option because it powers over a quarter of the world’s total websites. Almost every online business owner knows about WordPress. In addition, the site builder is free.

As business minded folks, we all know the importance of using something free. There are several other things to spend money on such as web hosting and better WordPress themes. Hence, using this site builder is an affordable option.

Flexible and Adaptable

As a content management system, WordPress is great for updating content and can also handle all other website needs. It is unique because it is a flexible and adaptable system. WordPress allows you to make changes when necessary. For example, expanding from e-commerce to blogging.


Everyone appreciates a system that is user-friendly for their business. Although, it is important to hire a professional to set up your website, WordPress remains an intuitive system even for the service provider. You can easily install WordPress and get started on the basic steps. This allows you to control and organize your site with an engaging dashboard and helpful directions.

Mobile Responsiveness

Many of your potential clients use their mobile phones for at least one hour daily. This usually entails browsing websites, making searches, transacting businesses, and so on. Hence, to benefit from this your website should be mobile responsive. WordPress is one of the best site builders that offer mobile responsiveness. It eliminates issues like slow loading pages, and improper sizing for a phone’s view.

Blogging becomes easier

If you started out without a blog, using WordPress makes it easy for you to have one with no need to opt for a separate installation. The built-in blog feature on WordPress is available at any time from any device. Blogging with WordPress is user-friendly, and inspiring.

WordPress Themes are Impressive

Themes matter when you are building a website. You have to choose something that suits your business, your tastes and desires, and is easy to navigate. WordPress offers free themes for you to choose from, but if you need even better themes, you can also pay for that.


If security slips your mind, WordPress has you covered. The open-source system recognizes that the internet leaves many businesses vulnerable to attacks and threats. A secure website is vital for business to protect your clients’ information and your hard work. WordPress is a highly security conscious platform, and it extends this to the websites it powers. You would be given some steps to follow to guarantee your online security. WordPress uses Sucuri to keep you safe from malware and other threats.

For me, one of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is the reduced cost and effort for maintenance. WordPress developers like myself are easily available to solve your customization or development needs. Setting up is also a seamless process that a professional can handle for you affordably. Unlike other content management systems that may lock down for a development, WordPress just keeps going.

You can always look to us for questions, information, or setting up and maintenance needs.

Inspiration Overload

I have a question. A legitimate question packaged in a blog entry.

I’m an entrepreneur who still works full-time in addition to running my start-up agency, Modality. I’m not quite ready for the proverbial “leap” just yet. Although, I’m proud to say that I’m approaching the cliff. That aside, I present a question that hit me like a ton of feathers. I was sitting at my desk handling some administrative tasks when I suddenly got the urge to update my website. While I daydreamed about these slick new site updates, I immediately shifted and thought about two new podcast topics. Then I thought about how I wanted to design an upcoming proposal for a client, create new social media posts, design new versions of my logo, and on and on. In the matter of about 20 minutes, there’s little difference between my brain and an erupting volcano. I have so many things that I now want to work on. An explosion of sorts. Of course, at a 30,000 foot view, none of these items are essential to anything immediate. However, moments like these, I sometimes feel too inspired.

Is that even a thing? Should I feel guilty about my glutenous-like intake of inspiration? These are real questions. I consider myself a creative and thus realize that I’m wired differently than most. But I wonder how many other people are “saddled” with inspiration? How many people are paralyzed with ideas? It’s like reverse writers bloc.

This happened to me the other day. I was overwhelmed with inspiration by the things I wanted to do right then and there, and things I wanted to create in the moment. I knew that I didn’t have the time, nor was I in the right place. However, the influx of inspiration still persisted nonetheless. I don’t how to categorize this state of being. It’s bliss and agony at the same time. I tried to do the responsible thing and write down my ideas as they came, but I must admit, there’s nothing like striking while the iron is hot. By the time I made it home that evening, the ideas were still there, but the motivation and urge that I experienced hours earlier had all subsided.

Am I the only one this happens to?

Maiden Voyage

One of my favorite jazz tunes is Maiden Voyage by Herbie Hancock. It was released in 1965 and is considered one of the great jazz tunes of all-time. I listen to it quite often because it’s such a relaxing song. The premise of the song centers around marine and oceanic themes. I don’t know how many versions of this song currently exist, but what I do know is that every time I hear it, i’m taken on a new journey through the lens of music and who doesn’t like a good trip?

I envision Modality Creative Studio to be a lot like this tune. The good thing is, this is one we’ll get to take together. The “Maiden Voyage of Stephen Holmes”, owner founder of Modality Creative Studio or something cheesy like that. I imagine this blog will be a bit multi-faceted and very fluid with respect to topics and content. Of course, i’ll do my best to give you the most current industry news and trends as it relates to creative design and marketing, but i’ll also share stories of my journey through the prism of an entrepreneur. So today, i’m just one guy, but hopefully this thing will take off into something more. Something that even my own eye may not be able to see.

For the time being, just make sure you continue to stop by and share along this journey with me and Modality. Feel free to share your thoughts comments, words of encouragement, issues concerns, disagreements, anything. Healthy dialogue is a key to keeping our selves socially fit. Thanks for dropping by the Modality Blog!

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